Capacitive fuel sensor for SA316/SA319 Alouette III

Capacitive fuel probe mounts in the fuel tank for measuring fuel quantity. It is a very reliable and accurate system that has no moving parts. As the fuel level decreases in the tank, the probe capacitance changes, this capacitance change is sensed by a signal conditioning unit.

The sensor provides a continuous 0-5V analogue and frequency outputs and is compatible with most liquid types including fuels, oils and aggressive alcohol-based fuels. Separate "FUEL LOW" output gives signal if the level is below critical point. This signal is formed independently from capacitive measurement by using NTC/RTD sensors combination.

All of the sensor's processing electronics are located within the sensor head no additional remotely-mounted electronics are required. With a robust anodized aluminum body construction, the sensor is well suited to harsh environment applications and has a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +125°C.

The sensor is available from 50mm to 5000mm long and, with each sensor factory-built to the required length and calibrated in the appropriate liquid type, no mechanical adjustment or configuration by the user is required prior to installation.