Torque sensor

The torque sensor had been modified to a modern design using solid state polarized laser technology to measure the angular displacement of a torsion bar. The measured time parameters are processed by DSP to calculate the torque. The sensor is installed in the standard place in helicopter. The case was reverse engineered to provide the exactly same alignment and pickup of an torsion bar shutters.

This methodology provides for the manufacture of both dynamic and static non-contacting transducers with relatively low inertia for any given torque range.

The outputs of the sensor include analog proportional voltage for older EICAS displays and analog instruments, RS-485 and frequency outputs for modern avionics.

The sensor can be calibrated for a range of torque measurements and can be adapted to any existing torsion bar. The adoption of new torque sensor raises the reliability and response time of an indicator, thus providing higher safety and alerting for pilot.