Electronic Fuses Module

Electronic circuit breakers system integrates entire electrical distribution system in one unit, making it easily managed through the EICAS display or other MFD displays. It gives the total protection for all the electrical circuits, starting from overload and short circuit to detection of open circuit and control of individual devices like trimming flaps and systems, lights and others without the use of relays. The system is easily configured to match the needs of specific aircraft. For each channels the current limits, temperature curves and other parameters are set up individually, giving the precise control on every electrical device. Having all the circuit breakers and relays centralized in one compact place removes the wire madness behind the panels, simplifies the schematics, lowers weight and most importantly improves reliability. The system supports all standard control interfaces as ARINC-429, RS- 232, RS-485 and CAN bus. For initial setup and configuration the USB interface can be used together with easy to use software. The control of power channels can also be implemented with discrete inputs, that can be connected to mechanical switches on the panels, end-switches on the devices, etc. The system is fully integrated with EICAS and AAM products from AVTech L.L.C., making it possible to implement a glass-cocpit concept in any aircraft and also to provide complex logic between sensor data acquired by AAM and pilots interaction on EICAS.

System datasheet